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EPDM Rubber - Liquid EPDM Roof Coating

Liquid Roof


    As a property owner, you want to find the best commercial roof repair so you do not have to keep calling back the contractor every time the roof leaks. You want it done right the first time. Roof repair not done properly is the number one problem that people find in the roofing industry. You need to have a completely sealed roof to protect your property. If you do not have the repairs done right the first time with a guarantee, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars on future work that never fixed the problem the first time. You need to get your roof repairing problem done from the roofing experts. Roofing is the area in which high skill set with experience is required. Go to the company that offers at least five year guarantee on all repair work. EPDM Coatings provides quality and affordable work and the three year guarantee.

    Helpful Tips For Contractors

    Contractors CLICK HERE to be added to our directory. From time to time we get inquiries from our customers for applicators. YOU NEED TO HAVE PROVEN EXPERIENCE WITH SPRAYED ROOFING PRODUCTS AND SPRAY EQUIPMENT.

    Commercial Roofing Options
    complete with Liquid Rubber

    You're faced with a lot of options for your roof. Cost and weather patterns might play a role in your decision—but aesthetics count, too. Unfortunately, you might not think about future roof repairs when you build a commercial space. There are pros and cons for every roofing material. You might be dealing with a material like:

  • Aspalt
  • Metal
  • Slate
  • Tile
  • Wood

    Save Money with Maintenance on Metal and Flat Roofs

    We are experts in extending the life of commercial flat roofs and metal roofs. You do not need to undertake expensive repairs and replacements as long as the roof is in decent shape. Save money by coating an existing surface with a high quality product.

    Easy Roof Restoration

    Most commercial roofs use metal. Obviously, every roof is expected to withstand harsh weather conditions that might result in weathering, acidity, expansion, contraction, and other damages. When this happens, you have to go to an (expensive) expert for repair. This product can keep damage from happening.

    Compare Roofing Materials

    Your commercial space might be a massive industrial plant or a mom and pop shop. Either way, your roof is either flat or pitched.

    Pitched vs. Flat Roof

    Usually, a pitched roof uses metal or shingles. Flat roofs have their own unique issues, including ponding water. Other obstructions like A/Cs and ventilation systems can also cause problems with roof maintenance.


    Asphalt-based Coats

    Asphalt is one of the few materials that can't take direct Liquid Roof application. However, you can use a coating to prep the asphalt. Choose a water-based acrylic coating and completely cover the asphalt. Never use latex. If you don't properly apply an acrylic coating first, the Liquid Roof warranty is invalid.

    You don't need a primer to apply Liquid EPDM to metal. This coating can repair and strengthen seams, correct deteriorating flashing, and stop brittle spots with just one coat.

    Urethane Foam
    You also don't need a primer for urethane foam. Only one coat provides proper UV protection.

    Get More Elastomeric Product Information See Built-up Roof Project Photos

    Commercial Applications with EPDM Rubber

    Concrete pipe & spill containments
    EPDM protects surfaces against salt water, can withstand scorching temperatures, direct sun exposure, and contains 2.5 more solids as compared to Neoprene options.

    Corrosion problems
    If you own an industrial space, you probably have issues with corrosion. Acids are a big problem, and many farm-centric commercial spaces also have trouble. Stop dealing with corrosion. The EPDM coatings guard steel and other metals from corrosion and general damage.

    Marines and fabricated steel
    Working next to salt water comes with a different host of problems. Your roof doesn't have to be impacted. EPDM is completely resistant to salt water damage.

    Other marine options
    EPDM Rubber isn't just for roofs. This product is a great choice for a number of machinery located at docks including boats, barges, and ships. Not only is EPDM salt water resistant, it also protects against UV rays and temperature swings. Choose 9911 Ship Shape for all of your marine needs.

    Thermo set EPDM Coatings with one component
    It doesn't matter if the surface is non-thermoplastic or an odd shape. EPDM rubber can be used on most materials and, as a liquid, conforms to any shape. You can spray EPDM, use a flow coat, or a paint brush. Concerned about a high-heat environment? EPDM can withstand temperatures up to 300° F. Apply a coating in any thickness (although 20 mil. is best) and rest assured that the product is curing as long as temperatures are above 55° F.

    Steel tanks
    Use EPDM Rubber for steel tanks and protect against condensation, sun damage, and corrosion. EPDM is great for ground-level tanks or elevated options.

    Building's Steel Siding
    Steel siding works great with EPDM and protects against leaks, corrosion, and extends the life of the siding. No primer is needed.

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