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EPDM Rubber - Liquid EPDM Roof Coating

Liquid Roof

    What is Liquid Rubber Made of?

    Liquid Rubber is the liquid equivalent of EPDM (ethylene, propylene, dicyclopendtadiene). It is a low molecular weight, and provides the same benefits as regular EPDM. Liquid Rubber Facts

  • Brittle Point: -62° F
  • Elongation: 180-200%
  • Peel adhesion: 4.85 pounds per linear inch on Firestone EPDM
  • Permeability: 0.1 perm
  • Pot life: 4-10 hours depending on temperature
  • Spread Rate: The ideal thickness is 20 mil. and is achieved at 50 square feet per gallon
        on a smooth surface, or 45 square feet for a rough surface.
  • Tensile: 680 psi
  • Theoretical coverage: 1,020 square feet per gallon at 1 mil. dry
  • Volume Solids: 63.5%
  • Weather-ometer: 2,000 hours (ASTM D4459-8-03)
  • Weight/ Gallon: 8 pounds (mixed)


    Curing only happens during temperatures above 55° F. How quickly the peroxide decomposes dictates how quickly the product will cure which is dependent on both temperature and oxygen. Oxygen is a must, and helps the product to cure at lower temperatures. Temperature swings can impact the length of cure time, but the result will be identical.

    Physical Facts

    Liquid Rubber is chemically the same as regular EPDM, which includes:

  • Acid and alkali resistant
  • Completely waterproof upon application
  • Fats, oils and waxes do not work well with EPDM
  • Nearly impenetrable to water
  • Polar solvent resistant
  • Retains elasticity for great aging
  • Ultra violet and ozone stable
  • Withstands temperatures from -40° to 300° F

    Application Tips:

    Liquid Rubber can take weeks to cure depending on outside temperatures, but it is immediately waterproof. This is not a product to fill holes, cracks or crevices, but it does provide a solid, smooth surface while filling these problems. However, it is best to repair and fill holes properly before application. Liquid EPDM should be applied to non-porous surfaces, free of holes, to supply a fully protected surface. Only one coat is necessary. Multiple coats will not be as strong as the first coat, and are not recommended. Never use EPDM Liquid Rubber if oxygen is not available. Oxygen is required in order to cure. However, oxygen can penetrate 20 mil. thickness and Liquid EPDM is a great choice for roofs. The thicker the application, the longer the curing process (and you risk swelling or bubbles). You can apply EPDM on extremely cold or hot days. The pot life is exceptionally long (4-6 hours), which gives you plenty of time to apply the product.


    Adhesion becomes stronger over time, especially on surfaces like metal, concrete and non-porous wood. Asphalt and single-ply surfaces are not recommended with Liquid EPDM unless a primer is applied first.

    Strength and Durability

    Consider the surface condition before application. Liquid EPDM is a fantastic tool, but it can not work magic. Do not apply Liquid EPDM or any product to a surface that is in need of repair or replacement. No product can extend the life of a surface that is about to fall apart. However, if you are working with a sound surface, Liquid EPDM can extend the life of a surface for up to 20 years. EPDM bests other competition like acrylics and urethanes, but still requires a surface in good condition in order to be effective.

    SColor Options

    Liquid EPDM comes in white and black. However, if you order over 100 gallons, you can customize the color. Keep in mind that Liquid EPDM can also be painted.


    One gallon
    Five gallon

    Curing Rates

  • 70° F:
  • 7-8 hours to touch
  • 24-30 hours to step on
  • 5-7 days to completely cure
  • Thinner: You can use most aromatic hydrocarbon or aliphatic solvents. Use weaker
         solvents with EPDM rubber.
  • Chemical resistance: Fully cured Liquid EPDM resists acids, alkalis and polar solvents.
  • Do not use Liquid EPDM on oils, fats or waxes.
  • Cure system: Two part process
  • Heat Resistance: 302° F
  • VOC: 2.46 pounds per gallon

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