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"EPDM coatings does not retail in stores. This insures that product is not setting on shelves ageing and allowing you to get direct from factory product. Also we pass the saving onto you cutting out the middleman!"

Liquid Roof is the liquid version of a popular synthetic rubber that's revolutionized roof leaks repair. Years ago, rubber rolls were the go-to method for waterproofing roofs. Unsurprisingly, liquid is much easier to work with. It easily fills cracks and has the ability to work in tiny areas that couldn’t previously be reached. Liquid Roof is also much more diverse and can be used on recreational vehicles as well as structures. It doesn’t matter what type of material is used to create the roof. Fiberglass, wood and metal is all complementary to Liquid Roof. When used in conjunction with an undercoating, it can even be used with asphalt-based coatings and built-up roofs.

Liquid Roof for Leaks Repair - Choosing Wisely

Liquid Roof helps extend the life of your roof. However, it also does more than that. It can improve the looks of your home or vehicle—and increase the market value. Of course, it also seals roof leaks and helps deflect heat. EPDM is renowned for working with a number of materials, which makes it an ideal choice for most homes and RV roof repair.

Benefits of Liquid Roof

  • EPDM and Liquid Roof are almost chemically identical
  • Provides a seamless finish
  • Deflects light and heat
  • Green, sustainable choice
  • Truly simple application
  • Withstands temperatures from -40° to 300° F
  • Capable of being applied 300% thicker compared to elastomeric
  • Doesn’t require a top coat, primer, or numerous coats
  • 100% one-coat process
  • Immediately waterproofs surfaces
  • Withstands “ponding”
  • Reduces noise from rain
  • Proven to beat urethanes, acrylics and elastomers
  • Works on nearly all surfaces

EPDM Cost vs. Others

EPDM Cost Summary vs. The Competition

There’s—literally—nothing like Liquid Roof. It’s been featured in a number of industry publications including Roofers Exchanged and Fine Home Building Magazine. It protects surfaces from UV rays and harsh weather. The application is a breeze and only requires a brush or roller. Liquid Roof was designed for the roofs of homes and RVs, but can be applied to many other surfaces for roof leaks repair.

Keep in mind that Liquid Roof only cures, or “sets,” when temperatures are 55° F or higher. It’s possible to apply the product when temperatures are below that number. However, the product will only continue to cure when temperatures reach that point or higher. Both Liquid Rubber and Liquid Roof boast a one-year shelf life as long as the catalyst isn’t mixed. Roof leaks repair is a problem that every homeowner or RV owner will have to address. However, it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult.

Liquid Roof is available in white, but you have more options. Adding non-oil-based colorant is an easy, inexpensive way to customize your sealant. Liquid Roof is available in white and black.

When you apply Liquid EPDM on top of single-ply EPDM, it’s possible to extend the life of the structure by 20 additional years. It’s a relatively inexpensive, one-time investment that can save you thousands in the next two decades. Homeowners and commercial or industrial property owners can all benefit from this repair or preventative measure. Repair a number of items including:

Liquid EPDM
  • Pitch or non-pitch roofs
  • Trailers
  • Campers
  • Rvs
  • House boats
  • Basements
  • House boats
  • Gutters and shingles
  • Heater flues
  • Smoke stacks and chimneys
  • Cooling towers
  • Masonry vessels

The best part of Liquid EPDM is that you can do the job yourself. There’s no need to hire laborers, which helps keep costs low. This product regularly bests other sheet form coatings on the market. It’s very similar to applying a coat of paint—although without the need for a primer.

Did You Know?

Not all roof leaks repairs are created equal. You might be doing the exact same job—but won’t get nearly the same results without EPDM products. EPDM is ozone and UV resistant. It’s also flexible, which reduces any chances for cracking. EPDM literally goes with the flow and will contract or expand depending on temperatures. Many other products can crack or bubble, especially in regions with four distinct seasons or harsh winters or summers.

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