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EPDM Rubber - Liquid EPDM Roof Coating

Liquid Roof

    Liquid Roof/Liquid Rubber Takes on the "Competition"

    snow roof coated liquid roof
    The Competition A Liquid Roof surface

    EPDM Cost Summary vs. The Competition

    There's really no competition. Liquid Roof and Liquid Rubber is the only EPDM available. Enjoy numerous benefits and superior support. It's extremely simple to apply and easily a one-day project (or even one hour depending on size).

    If you've heard of or used EPDM rubber, this is the same thing but in liquid form. EPDM rubber is largely marketed towards industrial and commercial consumers, but Liquid EPDM is just for you. Liquid Roof is especially designed for RV owners. Curing times vary, and is dependent on outdoor temperatures. However, it's immediately waterproof.

    Roofs have a tendency to collect water, and there's no getting around that. You might live in a region with heavy rain or monsoon-type conditions. Temperature spikes and plunges are another issue. However, Liquid Roof and Liquid Rubber are up to the task. No amount of ponding water or temperature extremes will impact a fully cured surface.

    Liquid Roof is specially designed to stop leaks, repair roofs, reflect heat, and extend the life of a roof. It also improves aesthetics and is a cost-effective, simple way to beautify your roof or RV.

    Liquid Roof and Liquid Rubber only use the latest chemistry practices. Our products are environmentally friendly, very durable, and the highest quality available in the world. The choice is easy.

    Liquid Rubber is 100% guaranteed.

    Try Liquid Rubber with:

    Automotive -

    Repair corrosion, noise control, vibration issues

    Environmental -

    Bridges, dams, erosion control, landfills, methane gas barriers, reservoirs, and tunnels

    Roofing -

    Almost every roofing surface

    Building Industry -

    Balconies, basement walls, between slabs, commercial or residential, foundations, internal wet areas, planter boxes, roofing, terraces

  • No flammable solvents
  • No volatile organic compounds
  • Non-toxic
  • Odorless
  • Water-based product

    Liquid Roof is guaranteed not to crack, chip, peel or flake.

    Liquid Roof is the liquid version of single-ply EPDM. It's been proven as the superior choice for over 30 years. Liquid Roof and Liquid Rubber are truly unlike any other rubber. It withstands the effect of UV rays and ozone and even stands up to temperatures ranging from 40F to 300F. Due to the ability to hold up in even the most brutal temperature conditions, it boasts excellent aging properties and is very flexible. No other product on the market can compete. No primer, top coat, or upkeep is necessary.

    Flexibility lasts for years
    No chalking or shrinking
    No condition is too extreme, including freezing
    Truly one-coat application
    Use on any surface except asphalt
    UV and ozone resistant
    Waterproofs immediately
    Withstands ponding water

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