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EPDM Rubber - Liquid EPDM Roof Coating

Liquid Roof

Liquid Roof

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    Liquid Roof is 100% True EPDM Rubber in Liquid Form

    You might already experience the durability of EPDM since your car radiator hoses are made from EPDM just as the gaskets are in your refrigerator. The same benefits and more have been available in a liquid EPDM for over 25 years. There is only one Liquid EPDM rubber in the world. You will not find any other product that comes close to its reputation and unique characteristics it has achieved over the years. UV and ozone resistant, and able to withstand the most extreme hot and cold temperatures. It is the perfect choice for your RV and will not only cool down the inside of your cabin and reduce the noise associated with rain showers, it ensures that your roof will age slowly and provide years of protection without the need for a recoat.

    Before and After Projects Submitted By Our Customers

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  • Hello, like to thank you for this wonderful product I used on my 24 RV..The roof was 10 years old and needed something done to it before it began to leak..After days of research at many rv shops and the internet, I found your product and used it..All I did was wash the roof before using your product..It took a few hours to complete the job and over all, it was quite easy to apply..I used a small "roller" and a paint brush. The finish results were like night and day..A truely wonderful product and I highly recommend it to other RVers...Thanks again

    Dave Shingleton
    PS. Here are the "before" and "after" pictures of my roof..what a difference...

    This a great product, EPDM Rubber for roofs. It is easy to mix and easy to apply. I had a roof job where a company applied a "torch down" rubber system on my flat roof. They made several critical errors in the application of the torch down. Two added roof repairs and four internal ceiling repairs later and the roof seemed tight. Once you are burned by incompetent roofers you become a cynic quickly. Because of arbitration I got some of my money back. I certainly did not want those bozos back on my roof.
    Water stands on my flat roof in various places. I decided to apply a coating of EPDM Rubber over the roof for added measure. So I bought a gallon and applied it in a critical area. It stayed tight and looks great. I waited for several months during the rainy season and had very positive results. I then bought a five gallon pail and applied it to a larger surface. Looks great and adhesion is fabulous. It bonds great with no distortions of bubbles.
    I think the easiest thing was that I had a fairly solid surface with which to work. So, cleaning and surface prep seems to be critical. If you prepare the surface well your application and results will be outstanding.
    I just ordered two added five gallon buckets and plan to coat the remainder of my roof. I use a short nap roller and it goes on with ease.
    I fully recommend this product for roof repairs. Just follow the directions and anyone can do this with completely positive results.

    Tom Preston

    Lou, I just wanted to send you a testimonial email about your product. We bought a '99 5th wheel only to find out that it had a leak 3 months later. I had to repair a section of the roof decking and replace a 3 foot section of the membrane leaving a seem on the roof. After making the repairs I coated the roof with liquid roof and waited until after we had a rain storm to send you this testimonial. I am happy to report that after an overnight rain storm that dumped over an inch of rain I went in the trailer to find it bone dry! The product was easy to apply and I have even used the left over material on a couple of other projects after placing it in the freezer for storage. I would recommend this product to all RV owners and will probably coat the roof of my next RV with it.

    Thanks again
    NJB Carpentry

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    Regarding try times; it normally takes about 25 hours above 50 degrees for the material to develop a skin and then 7 days for a full cure. Should the temp drop below 50 you would need to add that time to the overall cure. So for example if it drops below 50 degrees over the next 15 hours add 15 hours to the overall timeframe. The higher your daytime temperature gets the quicker the material will dry. If you get an unexpected shower no need to worry. Also in the event of that unexpected shower the product is already waterproofed. In fact that ponding rain water will even start curing underwater!. Note that once you mix the catalyst you have approximately a 3-4 hour pot life depending on your daytime temperatures. The higher the temperature the less pot life you have. During your initial cleaning of your RV you may wish to consider adding 2 cups of bleach to kill any surface mold/mildew along with a standard detergent such as dawn dish washing detergent or Simple Green. You will want to be sure that any oils or fats are removed as they will cause the existing epdm roof to swell. That swelling most of the time will go down but in some cases it will not and that is not covered under warranty. Applying one coat of the proflex primer will alleviate that issue.

    Features of the Product

    Liquid Roof boasts a number of perks including:

  • Applicable over any RV roof material
  • Boosts an amazing 680 PSI tensile strength
  • 200% elongation
  • Reduces surface temperatures 60 degrees
  • Reflective value 93
  • Built in Mildewcide and Fungicide protectant
  • Can be applied and DRIES at temperatures as low as 35 degrees
  • Resists any conditions to -40 below zero and 300 Fahrenheit
  • Resists freezing temperatures
  • Withstands ponding water-No need to build up your roof!
  • True one-coat application
  • UV and ozone resistant
  • Waterproofs immediately upon application

    Manual Application Instructions for Liquid Roof ®

    Liquid Roof is ONLY for Recreational Vehicles, Mobilehomes and Trailers

    liquid roof The surface to be coated needs to be clean and dry and of course structurally sound. If your existing wood is warped, or damaged this first needs to be replaced and then coated with the ProFlex primer (although wood is not a warrantied application). The Liquid Roof can then be applied over the primer. During your visual inspection you should look for loose areas and fasten them with contact cement or if you have them pop rivets. Oil or wax buildup must be completely removed with solvent. Remove any of loose areas of existing coatings as well as brittle caulk with putty knife and/or wire brush. What remains will have good adhesion and you are ready to coat. Any significantly rusted areas on metal should be wire brushed to remove loose oxide. As long as the rust is adhering to your metal it can be coated with the Liquid Roof without a rust inhibitor.

    Any third party coatings such as; elastomerics, acrylics, urethanes or asphalt based aluminum coatings should be removed as much as possible by wire brush or abrasive disc. You will need to apply the ProFlex primer on roofs that have been previously coated with anything other than the original roof. Also Alpha systems and Fleetwood models or roofs with an Alpha Systems roof will need the ProFlex Primer.

    A one gallon of Liquid Roof will cover approximately 42 sq. ft. on a smooth surface. The required thickness is approx. 20 mil thick; or about the depth of 5 pieces of paper. If you are uncertain how to calculate the amount of material you will need, please contact EPDM Coatings.

    How to Mix:
    liquid roof application direction Once you receive the containers you may notice they have ample space at the top allowing you to adequately mix the catalyst in the same can. A drill and a mixer shown to the right will be needed to properly mix the catalyst. For a 1 gallon can a short mixer is sufficient. If you purchased the four or five gallon drum you will need the five gallon drill mixer attachment both mixers are on our order form. When you receive your order the catalyst and gallon container are in the same box. For the 4 and 5 gallon pails the catalyst is located under the top lid. You want to mix the EPDM in can/pail until it becomes uniform; so center the mixer shaft in pail or can and soon you will see a vortex being formed.

    At that point start slowly pouring the catalyst into the ortex. Once the catalyst is in the can you want to begin moving your mixer up and down as well as in a circular motion for about 3-4 minutes. Then you are ready to use the product.

    Depending on your application you will be using one or all of the following: a paintbrush, roller or squeegee. From the feedback from our customer they have noticed that a combination of all these work the best particularly when you are dealing with horizontals, verticals and hard-to-reach corners. On a flat surface you want to begin by pouring the product out in a serpentine manner and then distribute the product with a squeegee. Go over the area you squeegeed with the roller to release air pockets and evenly distribute the material. The product is unique in that it will self-level when the proper amount has been applied. Once you mix the catalyst depending on temperature your pot life is approximately 4-6 hours. A one coat application is all that is needed. For those who want to put down a 2nd coat we suggest a heavier first coat as opposed to multiple coats. Around flashings you will be using a paintbrush as well as around edges so be sure to take long, slow strokes to distribute evenly. On flat surfaces, you can simply pour the material and then distribute with a squeegee. You can always touch up after the material has set up normally 48 hours after application.

    When does it cure?
    Another interesting characteristic of liquid roof is that it can be applied at virtually any temperature that allows it to be spread. Since it will waterproof immediately upon application there is no need for concern if a light rain falls on your recently applied coating. The evaporation of the solvent is determined by ambient air temperature and is not by humidity. If you exposure the un-cured material to freezing temperatures prior to the final cure that also will not affect the material. Direct exposure to the sun does increase the cure somewhat.

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