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EPDM Rubber - Liquid EPDM Roof Coating

Liquid Roof

    RV Roof Coating & RV Roof Maintenance

    Your RV needs regular maintenance to stay in tip top shape. This means checking the seams, looking for holes, and generally making sure the roof is in good condition. Leaks can happen. It is smart to fix it before it gets worse. It is usually the leak you do not spot right away that causes the most damage. Once moisture moves inside, it is very difficult to properly fix. Luckily, there is an easy, cost-effective way to prevent leaks and damage RV Roof Coating. For any separation in the joints seams we suggest applying the two sided Butyl tape along the seams prior to the application of the Liquid roof. For areas around your vents, air conditioners or where existing caulk has become loose we suggest filling those with the Rutex caulk found on or order form. This Caulk has been field tested and is compatible with the liquid epdm and will not void its warranty. It is free of any solvents or isocyanates and is 100% volume solids. More information can be found HERE (RUBEX CAULK)

    Prevent Leaks Before They Start

    Just like your personal health, prevention is key when it comes to RVs. Fortunately, preventing RV roof damage and leaks is very simple. There is no primer needed, no expert know-how, and all that is required is one easy coat. That is it. Immediately upon application, Liquid Roof is waterproof a good RV roof coating.

    However, you still need to regularly check your RV for damage. Low branches and debris can still cause problems. Clean your RV roof twice a year with a simple soap and water combination. Double check for tears and leaks. Using RV roof coating the liquid roof and a sharp eye can help you save money and extend the life of your RV.

    rv roof repair

    You might think that, having a brand new RV, you are safe. That is not always the case. Most manufacturers use caulks or sealants to waterproof vents and flashings. You can apply RV roof coating Liquid Roof directly over these sealants to improve the waterproofing. A few manufacturers use single-ply EPDM on RV roofs—but do not confuse that with Liquid EPDM. Single ply EPDM can chalk and shrink. Liquid Roof does not have those issues. It never shrinks, chalks, peals, or cracks. There is only one choice for maintaining your RV. Want more? Liquid Roof also has a 5-year warranty no matter what.

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    How to Use Liquid Roof

    You can use Liquid roof, with no primer, on:

  • Concrete
  • Lumber
  • Metal
  • Modified asphalt
  • Plywood
  • Sheet rubber
  • Steel
  • Tile
  • Urethane foam
  • For Fleetwood models with ALPHA roofs you will need to use the ProFlex Primer

  • You wll get more benefits with Liquid Roof and Liquid Rubber, period. No other product comes close. Use Liquid EPDM to:

  • Enjoy a one-coat application
  • Immediately waterproof a surface
  • Prevent freezing damage
  • Protect against harsh weather
  • Protect against UV and ozone
  • Protect almost any surface (except silicone and petroleum-based surfaces)
  • Resist ponding water

    RV Roof Coating - Liquid Roof: The Only Choice

    There are many reasons why you might need Liquid Roof. A longer-lasting roof, leak fix, or heat reflection are just a few. It is also a cost-effective aesthetic choice. You are faced with a lot of options when you start shopping around. However, none can compete with Liquid EPDM.

    Most people mistakenly choose an acrylic elastomeric. That is a mistake. People see that they are easy, cure right away, and boast solid weather-ability. However, these are water-based products. Showers, freezing, and ponding water can damage these coatings. Acrylics also cannot be applied with single-ply EPDM membranes. Clearly, this is not a wise choice.

    rv repair

    Maybe you havve heard of regular EPDM. Liquid Roof is the liquid version. EPDM is the proven leader in the industry. It ages better than any other elastomer, can withstand conditions others can not, and has time and again proven to be the superior product.

    Liquid Roof is an easy choice to make—plus, it is the only EPDM option available. It does cost more than acrylics. However, it can drastically extend the life of your roof in a way acrylics can not. You will save more money in the long run. Acrylics can be totally destroyed during a routine winter storm or summer shower.

    rv repair rv repair

    How to Prep Your RV Roof

    Make sure you prep your RV roof properly to get the best results. Remove any moldings, fixtures, and debris. Loose paint and caulking, built-up roof cement, and loose fasteners should also be fixed. Now is the time for routine maintenance to replace damaged roof panels and rust. Power wash the roof to get it completely clean, and let it dry. Seal all gaps with caulk. Now you are ready to apply Liquid Roof and enjoy many more years of stress-free RVing.

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